Hello, I'm Ben and I'm twenty-seven from Havant. At home I have two, non-aggressive black Labradors - Jess and Tara. These two are extremely friendly and accommodating towards other good-natured dogs.

My whole life has been dog orientated, I cannot remember a time when my parents, who I now live with again after a 4 year post-graduate job in Spain, didn't bring home a rescue at least every six months. So our two and myself would more than welcome an extra pickle or two each day!


I’m a pure Labrador and have been living with Ben and Mum since I was fourteen months old. I’m ten now and was given up by my previous family after giving birth to six puppies.

I was neutered as soon as I got to my new home as they don’t believe in rescuing then breeding. I have been so happy since living in Havant, I get taken out all the time but hands up I am quite naughty. I run to the café in our local park to get extra food when I’m supposed to be exercising.

Ben has spoken to the café manager and now I am not allowed any cakes or sausage rolls, I’m not happy about this new arrangement but I pretend to go along with it.

Ben is always laughing as he says I’m extremely precious, I can pull the most serious face when things aren’t going my way. I’ll show you one day. My opinion is because I am the oldest I deserve more attention than my two sisters, I love them very much but they can’t even perform the tricks I carry out to get attention, I will show you my clever tricks if you come to my house.


I’m a nine-year old Labrador cross Springer. I’m certainly not as precious as Jess and I am extremely good fun. I’ve been in Havant for seven years now. Mum found me in a rescue centre when she was on holiday in Newquay. I settled very quickly and Jess and I became inseparable besties. My first home in Newquay wasn’t happy, I was abused and was skin and bone.

I love going to the park, but not for fitness reasons, I love hanging around the bins to gather any food going but the humans have caught on to this and watch me the whole time now. My nickname is Takeaway Tara, but I’m not sure what that means!

I don’t mind sharing my life with other dogs (apart from food) and unfortunately for me, we have always been separated where it comes to feeding times as I am quite known as a food lover. Come and see for yourself, I will never get to your food, too many baby gates during feed time!

I hate swimming in the sea but I always retrieve the ball by the sea after the other two have done all the hard work by swimming to get it I am so lazy but seem to get away with that side of my nature! I love just being allowed to be myself.

Our Previous Members

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