Our Family

I'm Ben

Coming soon.

I'm Jess

I’m a pure Labrador and have been living with Ben and Mum since I was fourteen months old. I’m twelve now and was given up by my previous family after giving birth to six puppies.

I was neutered as soon as I got to my new home as they don’t believe in rescuing then breeding. I have been so happy since living in Havant, I get taken out all the time but hands up I am quite naughty. I run to the café in our local park to get extra food when I’m supposed to be exercising.

Ben has spoken to the café manager and now I am not allowed any cakes or sausage rolls, I’m not happy about this new arrangement but I pretend to go along with it.

Ben is always laughing as he says I’m extremely precious, I can pull the most serious face when things aren’t going my way. I’ll show you one day. I will show you my clever tricks if you come to my house.

Our Previous Members

I'm Tara

My two favourite things were food and cuddles at night.

I'm Poppy

I was misunderstood by a lot of people but my heart was in the right place.

I'm Ruby

I was always wagging my tail and I loved sniffing people's ears!

I'm Skye

I hate change but I can deal with it so long as I have my blue ball!

I'm Diesel

I was rescued from Rhodes and I tried to be top dog but I never got there!

I'm Sophie

I was rescued from a very abusive household and was eternally grateful!

I'm Benny

I was a big attention seeker and needed lots of exercise!